Multiply your money x30: Buy Silver Mining Stocks

Mining Pick Axe

Silver is rising fast. And it will skyrocket any time now! I’ve already written that buying silver bullion will multiply your money x10. Now, I want to share with you how to multiply your money x30. That’s right. 30-fold! This is the best way to make passive income, especially on making money online. This is THE most effective way to work from home.

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How to Multiply Your Money x10 in 2020: Buy Silver

Do you want to multiply your money 10-fold? I do. That’s why I’m investing in silver bullion. Experts are saying that gold will rise 2.5 times AND silver will rise 10 times. That’s what a 10 bagger is. I’m not an expert, but I am reading lots of info online that tells me precious metals are the way to go, like here and here.

Pure silver bars
99.98% pure silver bars

I’ve also been following Franklin Sanders from the Moneychanger for many years. Among his treasure trove of insightful articles, he wrote the 10 Commandments for buying gold and silver. Very helpful fundamentals! He believes that both metals will skyrocket in this bull run which would last 9-10 years. Silver will outperform gold by 400%! And he offers a swapping strategy with the goal of doubling the number of your ounces. His sons are able to help you buy and sell physical precious metals directly to/from them at Volunteer Precious Metals.

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About Sun

Welcome to Extra Income Today! My name is Sun. I want to share with you how you can make extra income AND keep more of it.

My Story

My husband and I had the privilege of attending a Roth IRA workshop one day which opened our eyes to more investment options beyond CALSTRS offered for teachers at the time. This enabled us to take out our retirement savings, pay taxes (yes–moan!) which enabled us to invest in stocks in Apple Inc. This investment doubled our money. Then, we thought to buy a retirement home since we were going to do volunteer work overseas for the rest of our lives. It turned out to be a real estate investment (which tripled our investment) without us planning on it. After selling our home, we have put all of our proceeds into precious metals. The prediction by many experts is that it will multiple our investment 8x-10x. Exciting, isn’t it? What’s more, YOU can make these investments as well. I’ll show you how.

A Good Job is a Good Start

We all need to eat and live, so workingat a job and paying bills is a normal way of sustaining our lives. However, have you ever noticed that there isn’t very much left over after the bills are paid? My husband and I are very diligent to live within our means. Not spending more than what we earn is crucial to financial sanity. But is this how it’ll be when we retire? How can we accumulate any wealth this way?

Time for YOU to Accumulate Wealth

Without intentional planning on our part, we managed to accumulate quite a bit of wealth through investments in stocks, real estate, and precious metals. This summer, we learned more ways through Amazon KDP and affiliate marketing. We also read a book about passive income that drastically changed our way of looking at money. Come along with me as I share with you ways to earn extra income and ways to keep more of it so that you, too, can start and/or continue accumulating wealth.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Extra Income Today

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How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

How do you make money through affiliate marketing? And what is affiliate marketing, anyway? Let me explain by first asking a few questions.

Who among us knows everything? As limited beings, we generally welcome recommendations.

Wealthy Affiliate link

We want to know:

  • where is the best place to have a birthday party for our kids
  • where can I buy organic produce/products
  • which gym gives the best value for my money
  • which credit card pays me to use their cards
  • which diapers are best for my baby, etc.
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