Multiply your Money Infinitely- Invest in Real Estate

How can you multiply your money repeatedly and infinitely when you invest in real estate? And why is investing in real estate one of my favorite way to multiply money? Four powerful reasons: you can have an infinite return for your investment, simultaneously gain four streams of income, have more control over your success, and you can even accelerate your rate of growth. All of this growth from investing in real estate means you can achieve financial freedom sooner. That is freedom to spend time with your loved ones, time to travel, time to spend on your hobbies, time to yourself, and whatever else you want to spend time doing. So let’s unpack what each benefit means.

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How to Multiply Your Money x10 in 2020: Buy Silver

Do you want to multiply your money 10-fold? I do. That’s why I’m investing in silver bullion. Experts are saying that gold will rise 2.5 times AND silver will rise 10 times. That’s what a 10 bagger is. I’m not an expert, but I am reading lots of info online that tells me precious metals are the way to go, like here and here.

Pure silver bars
99.98% pure silver bars

I’ve also been following Franklin Sanders from the Moneychanger for many years. Among his treasure trove of insightful articles, he wrote the 10 Commandments for buying gold and silver. Very helpful fundamentals! He believes that both metals will skyrocket in this bull run which would last 9-10 years. Silver will outperform gold by 400%! And he offers a swapping strategy with the goal of doubling the number of your ounces. His sons are able to help you buy and sell physical precious metals directly to/from them at Volunteer Precious Metals.

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How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

How do you make money through affiliate marketing? And what is affiliate marketing, anyway? Let me explain by first asking a few questions.

Who among us knows everything? As limited beings, we generally welcome recommendations.

Wealthy Affiliate link

We want to know:

  • where is the best place to have a birthday party for our kids
  • where can I buy organic produce/products
  • which gym gives the best value for my money
  • which credit card pays me to use their cards
  • which diapers are best for my baby, etc.
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